Our Story

Kwiten is a fashion brand providing the best quality gym wear and sportswear for women. Established in 2015, our brand specializes in clothing for athleisure lovers and provides them with trendy and chic looks even for the times when they hit the gym. Although we have expanded since as a brand, our beginnings were very humble. We started as a small factory in China and now we have our own factory, associated with the brand, where we work around the clock to ensure that our customers receive high-quality, comfortable clothing for themselves.

Our humble beginnings made us realize the importance of having high-quality affordable clothing. Clothing exudes confidence and at Kwiten, we believe that everybody deserves to wear quality clothes that are chic and comfortable without doling out a considerable chunk of their cash. With this goal in mind, our workers handcraft every article of clothing, stitching every thread with love and care to get you unique styles that are comfortable and trendy. We stay ahead of current fashion trends on the market which would mean that our customers never run the risk of making a fashion faux pas. Athleisure clothing that is uniquely crafted to suit the trending style of the season keeps our customers spoilt for choice.

Here at Kwiten, we center our customers and strive to meet their demands. Our customers are our top priority and our clothing reflects our commitment to both fashion and our buyers. Besides keeping track of the fashion trends and designing clothes suited to those trends, we are also diverse and cater to a wide range of clothing that fits all shapes and sizes. We believe that clothes should be designed to fit your body and nobody should ever have to feel too big or skinny to wear clothes that one likes. Quality clothes that exude confidence, tailored to suit the shape of your body, are what our brand caters to and we do not want our customers to feel self-conscious while trying out our designs. Clothes are only in vogue when they make everyone look and feel good.

Our affordable price range ensures that our brand of clothing is accessible to the majority of the people so nobody feels like they are missing out on the latest fashion trends. Our high-quality clothing also ensures longevity which means that our buyers would not have to worry about a cut or a tear on their clothing or having the color fade away after a few washes. Our quality tests ensure that your clothes remain brand new for a good few years. The soft, breathable fabric on our clothes is guaranteed to provide the utmost level of comfort for our customers. Our buyers can wear our collection to the gym or for a workout session and never feel itchy or uncomfortable even when they are drenched in sweat. At our store, the stretchable material in our fabric makes our collection the perfect fit for all shapes and sizes while also ensuring that buyers would not have to feel the sting of humiliation one feels when there’s an accidental rip in their clothing, owing to heavy workout stretches or while doing yoga. Our stretchable fabric is an essential must-have for sports or gym enthusiasts. It can withstand any wear and tear one might encounter during their workout sessions.

Our buyers make our brand and everything we do is to ensure that they get the best quality products and services from us. We are always responsive to their requests and it is their valuable inputs that have given us the space to grow and tailor our clothing line to the trend of the season. We release new products every quarter. Our buyers could also opt for our custom services where we offer them the opportunity to have their names on their clothing as a piece of personalized embroidery. Our services ensure that our clients are truly satisfied with their purchases.

If you are a fashion or an Athleisure enthusiast or prefer to have clothes that are of superior quality at an affordable price, visit our website to get access to the trendy styles you have always wanted to have in your wardrobe collection.